Pellets4Bedding wood pellets, pallet of 70 x 12.5kg bags

Pellets4Bedding wood pellets, pallet of 70 x 12.5kg bags
Pellets4Bedding 12.5 kg bag, A1 quality wood pellets

Pallet of top-quality, sustainably-produced, wood pellets, suitable for all horses, cats, poultry etc. Also suitable for heating, at lower cost (reduced VAT rate).

  • Superior absorbency for equine bedding or litter.
  • Natural virgin wood fibre from sustainable sources.
  • Hygienic and eco-friendly.
  • Virtually dust-free, less than 1/2%.
  • 75 x 12.5kg bags.
  • Hooded (weatherproof) pallet.
  • Also usable for fuel - A1 quality to European standard (EN 14961-2), BSL authorised. Change VAT Band to Reduced for major reduction if ordering for fuel.

Top quality, ideal for stables and other equestrian uses:

  • Low fines (< 0.5%).
  • Ultra-clean. Anything over 3.15mm is a pellet according to EN and ISO standards, but we screen on a 5mm aperture mesh to remove most particles in the 3.15 - 5mm range before bagging. In tests, the 3.15 - 5mm fraction is typically double the proportion of the <3.15mm fraction.
  • Low moisture content (< 7.5%)

Environmentally-friendly and sustainable:

  • Produced from virgin forestry and sawmill by-product (tops, thinnings, slabwood, sawdust, etc.)
  • From sustainably-managed forests (FSC or equivalent)
  • Dried with biomass heat
  • Low-carbon transport
  • Low carbon footprint (10-16 gCO2e/MJ)

Practical, safe and cost-effective:

  • Hooded pallet for weatherproofing if left outside
  • 12.5 kg bags within HSE recommended limit for lifting to shoulder height
  • 937.5 kg pallet (75 x 12.5 kg bags) lower and more stable than full tonne, for safe tailgate lifting and manoeuvring by pallet truck

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VAT is applicable at the reduced rate for fuel used at the delivery site, or at the standard rate for fuel used elsewhere, for bedding, resale or other purposes.

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